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Hello! My name is Jeff Clark and I am a sixth grade English teacher/gamer. I am curious to see if any educators out there are using console (Xbox, PS3, Wii) games in their curriculum. If so, how do you use them and what hurdles have you had to overcome to use them? 

Over the past couple years, I have started to notice a drastic difference in gaming time vs. independent reading/writing time amongst my students. While we may not be happy with this trend, it is a reality. Currently, I'm trying to base my English Language Arts Curriculum on video game narratives through Kickstarter. I'm reaching out for any help that out-of-the-box educators like yourselves could offer. I think this could be  a literal "game-changer" for my students! If you could help me spread the word, you would forever have my gratitude.  

Thanks for reading this and the support!



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awesome idea this will entertain childern alot i will also implement such in my jano india (USHF)

I'm glad you like it. I think there is a lot of wasted potential in using the design and production behind video games. Students don't realize that behind each video game title is a group of excellent writers, artists, and various others.

You've touched a good point here Jeff. Encouraging creativity in kids is vital really. With so much talk about ADHD and such stuff, do we really make any attempt to channelize the super energy in kids? I think this is a brilliant idea, you have my support.

Thanks Dorothy! You are absolutely right about the high-energy kids. While they have trouble with extended instruction, many are able to engage in video games for long periods of time. Tie the two together and hopefully we have something powerful.



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