I am a middle school technology teacher. I am starting a unit on Microsoft Powerpoint. Any ideas/lessons/projects that others have used except the usual student powerpoint presentations?

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I have my students create a multimedia project using PowerPoint as the base. They are responding to a video clip from Discovery Streaming. Their responses are based on a list of "Response to Text" from Judith Dodge's book Differentiation in Action. They have to respond via text, audio over text, and video. I teach them how to use the basics of PowerPoint, but they also learn how to add audio either right within PowerPoint or via GarageBand (for those who are more tech-savvy). They work with iMovie to create the video clip. They learn about editing and animation as well. It's a great project which can be used with any subject/topic but I use it with my Medieval Japan Unit as we study the values of samurai and the Japanese culture.
Is there a way to add a uTube video to iMovie? I think if I know that I'll be able to add the video to my power point. I don't know enough power point basics to do that.
Check out zamzar.com where you can paste the link to the youtube video and it'll convert the file into other video formats such as AVI and QuickTime. Once it's in a format that's compatible with your presentation software you'll be all set!
It gives me AVI but not QuickTime format.
I have Mac OS10. Will AVI work? Where will it download to? My e-mail account? Can I save it to iMovie?
I just realized I didn't thank you for your reply! Thank you, Daniel. I have a lot to learn.
Hi again, I copy and pasted the URL of the video and ZamZar converted it into AVI. But, after it was downloaded onto my desktop in a quick time icon, it wouldn't open because the prompt said it wasn't a movie. What did I do wrong?
Prezi takes a little time to learn but it's more conducive to creativity...
My ESL students in Japan are making PowerPoints about local culture. They will then export the PP slides to .jpg images and import the images into windows movie maker and record their voice narrations. That movie will publish on YouTube when we finish next month.



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