I am trying to get this program installed on my computer but my IT department is afraid it will do something to mess up our network. Is there any documentation out there anyone knows of that would convince them otherwise?

Is there something that I should know about this particular program that might give them pause? I have installed it on my own machine at home and have not seen any ill effects.

I know I would like to use this program as well as others in my division have expressed interest. What should I do?


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We have downloaded bit Alice and Scratch and have not had a minute's trouble, there was never any concern from our IT dept. You might contact 'Alice' directly and ask her creators that question.
I have used Alice extensively and the only thing you need to be aware of is the fact that, as an animation/programming system, it will cause a computer to freeze on occasion. The ZIP file, IIRC, is just placed into a directory on your computer, there is no installer process that plops stuff all over the place like most programs. If nothing else, you might tell them it was developed by the Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, and they know a thing or two about computer systems there. I guess you could have your IT department call the Alice team at CMU!
You have nothing to worry about and if you want to see an example of Alice Storytelling in action click here...

We downloaded it to the the student server and created a shortcut on our students desktops. We have had no problems here at CGUHSD.

Thanks for everyone's input so far. I'll try talking with IT again. I'll keep you updated.




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