I know hom embed quizzes I've made online.
The quizzes that I use from contentgenerator.net are no problem to add to a site, but... articulate quizmaker-type or another set of free quiz generators is not as easy for me.
So far, I've been trying to use weebly.
My problem adding these other quizzes is that I have to add a .swf, an .xml as well as a FOLDER of data (images, sounds). I have no idea how to add a FOLDER and the direct my quiz to it. I'm not interested in SCORM. I just want to be able to put the games I've created onto a website to share with the teachers in my groups. So, when I make a quiz, I get a folder and the html file that goes with it or the .swf, an .xml as well as a FOLDER of data (images, sounds) --- depending on the quiz generator I'm using. I was checking hot potatoes today for similarities and I think it's pretty much the same thing- minus using a zip folder.
Do I need to switch sites or add one? I just signed up for a schoology account, hoping maybe that would do. If anyone has done something like what I'm attempting to do, please help me out.
Right now, I just want a simple solution.
Can anyone help me with this headache of a project that I've undertaken?

ThanX~~~ Sharnon Johnston-Robinett

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Hello, are you make a quiz with Articulate Quizmaker and then want to upload the quiz on Web? Articulate will generate a folder, swf and xml for the quiz, if you want to view the quiz on Website, you should upload all the files to Web at a same folder via FTP.
If you don't have the permission to upload files, you cannot use the quiz on web. Then, you can use some free online quiz makers, here are 12 free quiz creators for you to choose. Also, you can use some quiz software that can generate stand-alone flash quizzes, such as QuizCreator.

Hope these help.



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