As a new member, I'm happy to see lot of intelligent discussions going on in Classroom 2.0 and some really helpful folks here. I wanted to check if anyone knows about the best digital storytelling forums out there. I came across a few but the conversations seem to be dated and the forums less active than expected. 

There is one interesting group in Classroom 2.0 for digital storytelling, with 249 members but there also the conversations seem to have happened a long time ago. 

Any advice or help in this regard would be much appreciated!


A E Matthew


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Hello ,

It looks as if you are interested in developing discussions specially using the web 2 O tools as you are curious to find more digital telling story forums, I can recommend you a few,are you a teacher and serious to develop discussions if so we can exchange good ideas.

Hi Samreen, appreciate you responding to my query. Sure we can! I used to be a trainer once upon a time but now I'm more of a digital storyteller, communicator guy aspiring to do some serious work with a website I own. And this is primarily targeting educators wanting to go digital; that's where the relevance comes in. I was thinking the best way to prepare myself before taking the plunge is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals in a storytelling environment. 

Technology driving kids to read books?

Pardon? I could hear you from here in Switzerland.

Late March, was the worldwide launch day for my ‘kids’ book, The Black Hand Gang.
I wrote it, as a moral crusade to encourage kids to read. Suitable for 9 -14 yrs old or more!
Now it has gone viral in the USA and Arabia and was no.1 on Amazon UK for kids. Somedaysespecially weekends when we are advertising on Facebook and the website is receiving 500 downloads.

Is it a good book? Yes, but really it doesn’t matter does it. So long as kids read.

The website,


has a free electronic game of traditional swap cards based on the book, to encourage a child or youth to delve behind the game and find out more from the book. 
Play the game, enquire within the book, read the book. A unique project, simple easy game and great book.

How sensible is that?

The book is also free and in all ebook formats from all the main retailers throughout the world. That actually took 5 months to achieve, using the ebookpartnership. Yes 3 days for Amazon but they do not own the world - yet.
So this is not for me, it is for ‘kids’ like my son, who can do 3 things at once but only if on a TV, PC and mobile….and keep moms sane.

Please everyone, see what you think, try the game, see if technology really does encourage a child to read.

So far, my factual view is - it does. This concept has been taken on board by schools in the NW and NE regions of England that I know of and again results are positive. A teacher reads an excerpt from the book, usually chapter 1. The children log into the game using a school password in IT. Then 50% do read the book. A success.


Interesting project David. I was curious to shoot you a few questions after visiting your site but couldn't find your coordinates. Of course I came across the option to touch base with the characters but you know that's not the point here :) If you can direct me to an email?



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