Hi everyone, I was hoping to create a discussion on ways technology has been used successfully in music classrooms.  I teach instrumental music and always find it hard to incorporate technology because we need all the hands on practice we can get.  I know most of you do not teach music, but maybe you have seen a colleague use technology effectively in a music classroom. Thanks!

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I worked with my music teacher to use Audacity to record students playing musical pieces or even notes. These MP3 files where then published to the teachers website. The other students listened to the recording as a benchmark to compare their practicing to it. It seemed to work well. 

Hey Tom!

I was thinking that an interesting way to use technology both in and out of the music classroom to help increase your students success with their instrumental practicing, would be to record yourself playing the songs they're responsible for learning and posting them on a class website using Weebly or something similar.  You could show them the correct way to play the notes/chords while giving a tutorial on how exactly they should be playing the song.  You could post links to other performers whose songs you are playing so they can see and listen to other people performing the songs they are learning. You could even encourage students to record themselves and share their practicing online and you could give feedback via the blog feature of the site.  Just some random thoughts!  Hope they help:) 




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