I’m looking for professional development ideas around building teacher knowledge and confidence in teaching elementary math CCSS to students.  Our teachers need help in focusing on developing students understanding of math, not automaticity in completing algorithms.  Any ideas?

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I am too looking forward for these suggestions.

Teachers would like to learn the basics of elementary math and do practice. When you are ready for that subject, then start with students.

 Hi, I am a school principal, and each year, I assist a teacher in one math class. This year I am helping a 6th grade teacher. I work with a small group of boys in her class. I am looking forward to seeing what teachers are using. I am listing two links of lessons that I found on Microsoft.



Hello everybody! The issue is pretty interesting. I'm teacher of the 6 grade and definitely understand that math is not easy subject for all students. However, I always try to make my classes interesting, we play educational games, make presentations etc. Many thanks for Robby for provided lessons. they are fantastic. You will be able to find my lessons too, just visit our site for it.

You know, maths is not a subject which can be clear to everyone and that is an average situation, unfortunately. And the main reason for this is the students' inactivity, reluctance and, as a result, a lack of motivation in learning that. The best each teacher can do is to observe the progress of each student thoroughly, to turn a simple math typing process into the process of developing ideas (http://www.typingservice.org/our-typing-services/math-typing-servic..., finding new ways, searching more solutions and explore data. It is necessary to build the sequence of tasks in the right way during the lesson not to make students feel lost.



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