I have just learned that I will be doing an iPevo/Skype mini-training on
Tuesday, August 24, and I would love to have a short (15 minutes or so) Skype session with
someone who uses it in the classroom to help the teachers both see how
it actually works and hear some suggestions from someone who uses it. As
a teacher retired for 2 years, I'm not much help on the practical side
for the latter.

The training begins at 3:30, and we should be ready for a connection between 4:00 and 4:10 Eastern.

Any grade level would be useful but it would be nice to have a middle or
high school connection. Please, elementary teachers, don't let that stop
you from volunteering!!!

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Hi Carolyn,

I SKYPEd with Anne Mirtschin at a SmartEd Free-Tech conference and she was wonderful! She's from Australia. It was neat to see how she uses SKYPE in the classroom. She is on this NING, I would suggest looking her up and seeing if she's available. I hope that helps!

I'll look her up, Lindsey. Sounds like she would probably have lots of ideas if the time element works out. Thanks for the suggestion.
You're welcome! Let me know if you need anything else. I hope it works, she's great.



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