Anyone using Microsoft's Songsmith or Apple's Voice Band (app for Iphone or Ipod) successfully. Having problems with Songsmith free trial download so can't evaluate the product. Error 1001 that has been mentioned in many forums. MS probably wants folks to buy it. These apps are not new and have been out awhile.

Don't have apple products so can't evaluate Voice Band. The app is still cheaper than Songsmith ($29.99) vs. $2.99 + .99 for additional instruments (Itune). Read about some problems with app on IPod but Iphone seems to be fine. What I love about both products is that you can sing and it creates music as you sing or hum beats. In Audacity I would have create my own music or edit others. We also play around with Jamstudio, but have not done much with it. This app creates music as one sings a song. Love it. Watch video on Songsmith and Voice Band. Students in my media classes are working on beats and this could transform their beats in great songs for our library fast.

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I haven't had a chance to use Songsmith with my students, but I do have it installed in my lab.  I think it is a very cool idea, but there are more and more sites/apps, such as UJAM, that create music based on how you sing, like SongSmith.  I love UJAM and it runs right in your browser.


ANyways, if you are having problems with Songsmith Free Trial, did you know as an instructor/teacher, you can get SongSmith Academic for Free?  This is the Full Version of Songsmith for Classrooms.



Simply go to this site and you will find the Songsmith for Teachers site.  Simply create a Live ID or use the one you already have and you can download the full version of Songsmith ($30 value) FREE! 


Maybe the Full Version will run better and give you a chance to give full impressions.  Hopefully this helps!

Also, I am 6th Grade Teacher, and after reading what I wrote, I sounded like a salesman, lol. 



I tried the academic version and got the same error message. Anyway, I love UJAM. Only thing is I sing the lyrics but can't get the instruments to play my beat. For example, if I sing Mary Had a Little Lamb then go to the instrument section it doesnt play the melody of the song as I sing. Maybe, I'm getting it wrong how the app works.



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