Anyone want to offer up any advice, tips or experiences they have had with the SmartBoard Response Systems? We have two sets of 32 now in our school and I am looking for good ways to use them in class.

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Hi Jon,

I have had a set of 32 Senteos/Smart Responses in my room for a few years now. When I first received them I was so pumped to use them every chance I could. I quickly began to realize how tedious and time consuming it was to create quizzes so eventually my set became a dust collector. I would pull them out every now and then but I was very inconsistent and not really using them to their full potential.  Then I went to a training on some topic or another (not related to Smart Response) and they used the Smart Responses to ask us questions using the "instant question generator."  I had no idea that existed!  I immediately got excited again to use them because of this feature and started using it the next day. It is so easy to use and beneficial in my teaching that I utilize it almost daily now. I especially love using it in math with the instant number generator. It provides quick feedback for differentiated instruction purposes. I also utilize the instant true and false often in my third grade class as well. All you need to do is have your class set up, have your students sign in and make sure the Smart Response is in your toolbar. Click on the "Instant" you'd like and have your kids answer. As soon as they submit their answer you will get immediate feedback.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!   

*One more thing, have you ever used the "Set all answers" feature when creating a quiz? If not, it is a simple way to create a quiz.  Let me know if you need information on this feature!

Good luck!


They are great for quick and easy exit tickets.  Also great for surveys in class.  We also use them in school professional development to survey the teachers.



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