Please help, I'm assisting in a SMART training on Monday, and I'm not sure where to start or how much to show them, I'm thinking this is their first teacher to teacher training they've seen or used in their school.
Any ideas form presentations you've done or seen before would be greatly appreciated.

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We offer a 10 hour session that covers just the basics for beginners in the county I work. Look at the training materials on the smarttech website. They have modules there that will get you started. The 2 minute tutorials are great for after you leave and teachers need to review what you have demonstrated. Look under free materials.

How long will you be training?
I'm assuming it'll be an hour or so, they've been pretty vague about the expectations. Thanks for the link, I saw that, but I think some of it may have been covered by the guy who installed the boards. I'm thinking more along uses in primary and intermediate.
Always allow teachers to touch the board, this allows teachers to overcome fears they have about the technology. Use different tools to touch with, tennis balls, paintbrushes, pointer fingers (mine came for Scholastic). The touch of your finger isn't the only way to go.
Great idea! What about designing the lessons, ideas on how to teach that?
Best way that I can think of is to download example lessons that are correlated to state standards from the SMART Education website,

Also, you can show them the free SMART Exchange where there is a Colorado User's Group as well:

That's AWESOME thanks, so much!
Hi Michael,

I am the Educational Consultant for SMART in Colorado. I would be happy to share some of my resources with you and help you prepare for your upcoming training session. Please feel free to email me and we can set up a time to chat.

Hope to here from you.

Carrie Rigney
Education Consultant~Colorado
Before you "guess" what the participants know or don't know, why don't you have your teachers either fill out a "skills checklist" that you create (or maybe find one online somewhere) or ask for volunteers to come up and "Show and Tell" what they know. That way you aren't wasting their time or yours and you can fill in the gaps. I also think you need to stress that a SB isn't a wide screen TV or a huge screen to view scanned documents. Many teachers, when they first use a SB tend to use it that way and get stuck there. Showing them what is in the gallery will help get them over that hump. One more thing, make sure to show them how to update their software and upload ALL of the gallery items.



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