Seeking Examples of K-12 Fine Arts Gifted & Talented programs

We have a new curriculum coordinator/GT person in our district, and a mandate from the state that we create some kind of GT proposal for the arts (visual, music, theater, dance) K-12. The curriculum person is asking for the Fine Arts team input . . . and none of us have any GT credentials, nor has our district ever had an arts GT program. Rather than forfeit any input on the proposal, I'd love to see some examples of GT Arts programs that are working. Does anyone have one for their school or district that they could share?? We're a small rural district with three buildings, 750 kids total K-12, nothing fancy, no funding of note, lots of technology access grades 6-12, three ft music teachers, three ft art teachers, and extracurricular theater at the ms and hs levels. I look forward to hearing from anyone who might have ideas. Thanks!

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Here's a link to a brochure for Rockford Illinois:
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Thanks! Peggy Sheehy
I would be delighted to work with you and your students. My passion is to create a history of art course on line so that every school access to a great course. The course is started

Please contact me after you look at the site and see if we can put a project together that would excite your students.

I am not teaching in the classroom any longer and do not have a GT credential but we might find someone with a credential to supervise the project.

On the right side of the site you will see Meet Katherine which will give you a look at who I am and some of my work.
When you scroll down a bit more you will see some interesting things which lays out the ideas behind the course.

I feel that if a class worked with one of the micro lessons they should make something inspired by the work they are learning about. I would also like to add music to the course and have the GT students each own a simple flute and begin short compositions.

I am sorry that this is not an example of a course and it is wide open for a collaborative project.
Your history teacher might find this an interesting resource.

If you would like to talk about this my phone in Honolulu is (808) 941-4242

Warmly, Katherine Bolman
If you go here you can see me working at the local Boys and Girls Club
HI Nic eto meet everyone! Katerine I think that you have a fantastic idea!
I think that the first issue will be to define the gifted and talent in the arts. These may be students from various advanced classes. Students who have discovered a love of the arts. One of the camp programs USDAN, has a great reputation for gifted kids. Each day, the camp brings in a professional and they hear that person play, speak, perhaps using technology you can bring outside talent into your program.
Our state involves professional artists in their arts program. Unless they have changed things from ten years ago, the participating artists here are responsible to submit a two week lesson plan and they will lead the classes as a guest for that period of time and then travel to the next school to present it again. They even have houses with room and board in various cities across the state to house these guests artists while they are working in schools at greater than daily driving distances from their home. One of those houses is in a town near here. If you are interested in talking to someone to get ideas, try the link ...

If you don't think that you will have any luck with a state level project like this one, why not locate the artists in your own community to see if they will get involved in a local model? If you live in an area where artists cannot make a living and therefore just are not available, try bringing in guests via online interviews. I had a cartoonist come in to our narrative writing online class back a few years ago when we explored multiple narrative forms. We had a blast! The kids were so inspired and created some really terrific examples of the classic Sunday paper style strip. It stretched them both artistically as well as in character and story design because you have to do so much with so very little text.

If you do not have anyone locally that you can find and you are stumped where to look for artists to invite online try browsing around at WetCanvas which is an online artists group. There will be a mix of hopeful amateurs and professionals there in a huge variety of mediums subject matter, and styles (they have a channel system so each subtype has its own space). There is a channel for art instructors too that you may find useful as well.

To give you a place to dive in and someone there to know to get your toes wet, I welcome you to explore a few posts I have made there showing a professional portraits painted from beginning steps to completed work. You will find so many of these wips (work in progress) threads there. Find a few artists that you like and send them a message asking if they would be interested. I bet they will be quite happy to talk to the students about their love of their art form and subject matter. Oh, the threads have a specific number of posts per page. Be alert that there will be 'next page' buttons at the bottom right.

My threads are at ...
My own children's education was greatly enriched by the introduction of a GT music program. I have spearheaded many such a project in our local community. I hope this helps:
Percussion Sets - Musical Instruments for Classrooms and Kids
I have no GT credentials but have a BFA in Crafts. I recommend teaching students how to weave tapestries on hand held looms. Perhaps stretching a silk scarf on a wooden frame and using a tjing tjang for dripping wax to create borders which can be filled in with dye. Wax resist is also fun and safe. You could then talk about the different culture from which these techniques originated.



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