Hi everyone! I’m getting ready to teach an Internet safety unit and want to incorporate as many Web 2.0 tools as I can for the students to use. Many of the Web tools require an e-mail address to set up an account. Who do you recommend as a good, safe (and free) e-mail to use for my classes?

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You might want to take a look at Gaggle - https://www.gaggle.net/
I was just looking at Gaggle and trying to compare them to ePals. I really don't want to get into sending and receiving e-mail in the instruction; instead my plans call for blogging, using VoiceThread, creating avitars, things like that. I was even wondering if it would be best just to set up a "class set" of gmail accounts that the students don't have the passwords for and I go around and type them in...not sure how time consuming that would turn out to be. My school system is 100% no student e-mail access so I might just have to go with the "class set" idea.
Thanks! I'll look them over :o)
This looks exactly like what I was looking for...thank you so much!
You're welcome! Glad it will do the trick for you.



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