Often times i find that making a test or a quiz is one of the most difficult tasks. I am trying to find a software that makes it 1. easy 2. more interactive for the student 3. and def. easy to grade for me. I came across one such software called Articulate Quizmaker 09 -- its really awesome and does TONS of stuff. (http://www.articulate.com/products/studio.php) however, it cost over 1300.00. Is there any other software or alternative that anyone out there has come up with?

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I like quizlet quite a bit for review of basic review of nomenclature.
Another vote for examview - it is very flexible and allows you to format the quiz/test in many common formats.
I too use ExamView. I like that you can change the order of the questions for multiple copies of the same test. Just in case eyes tend to wander.
I looked into ExamView, and it looks very promising, however you need to pay for it.
One of the best online quiz makers is ClassMarker: http://www.classmarker.com/

They have a limited free service, but the Pro model for teachers, with all their features is just $25/year.

Well worth it if you plan to use it quite a bit. Very customizable, too.

David Huston

I think that this is a gap in the tools available for CW 2.0.

Imagine if there was a site where groups of teachers could create test/quiz questions, rank their difficulty, link them to topics and standards, and then build assessments (online or on paper) from item subsets.
Try Hot Potatoes. hotpot.uvic.ca/ It is a great way to create quiz questions and the students can even take them after you post them to a web site.
Hi Ojas:

Are you looking for a web based on desktop tool? There are many desktop tools and pretty good ones too.

am looking for a web based software. basically allowing the students to take the quiz online.

You can make your quiz test using online exam software. Free trail available to conduct the quiz at http://www.onlineexamlab.com/sel/register.html.

Yeah, if there was a web-based tool that would be great! I currently give my students multiple choice tests and then use the CPS Clickers to have them take the test. It's worked well so far, but I would rather type a test online, have them take the test at their own pace, and then auto grade it.

You can make your class test for your students using online exam software. Free trail available to conduct an exam at http://www.onlineexamlab.com/sel/register.html.



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