Poietic Generator : a project of a "massively multiplayer & extremely serious-game"

Hi everybody

I'm the creator of the french network apprendre2.0 on NING which is a learning network with now more than 2200 members ! http://apprendre2point0.ning.com/

I'm starting this discussion on classroom2.0 in order to focuse your attention on the Generator Poietic Project...This ambitious project needs your help !


What is the Poietic Generator about ?




Behind the strange name of “Poietic Generator” (PG), there is a collective and very rich social experience for children from 7 to 77 years old. The Poietic Generator simply offers to many participants to draw in real time on the same picture. But not anyhow : the PG minimum rules allows gradually the auto-organisation of a global drawing with tens or 100 hundreds participants, as already shown in earlier experiments... since 1986 (Yes you have really well read : 1986, the GP idea is an "old" one! Precisely, it’s a pioneering creation of the "Net Art", cf. this article from the technology review, MIT, 03 2008.

In some few months, we will maybe see thousands of people creating on the same image... which could be projected in June, somewhere in Paris, in NY ...or in a school and a classroom ! :-)


You can test the GP’s current version here

As a action-research, the PG is a kind of model of "social networks" that we all practise more and more on Facebook, Twitter for example... but it’s different because, firstly it has no commercial goal, and secondly because, as a meta-game, it makes visible how "social networks" are running! That’s why the GP is the basis of a long-life action-research, which is, in the same time, an artistic and a scientific experience.


You can preview that point here

What can you do for the Poietic Generator ? You can help the developpers team here

Thank you for your attention and for your help ! :-)

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