Playing Video Games to Learn pre-Algebra and Algrebra! Our students love it!

Back in the Fall, I completed a thesis on the effect of a video game, Dimension-M, in one of our middle schools. The students are still gaming and still learning! In fact, the local news just reported on it:


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I hold that playing Portal will make anyone smarter at anything.
Kev, Is this it?

Is it free? Tell me more, N.
Is it free? I thought I'd looked at it before and there was a fee. N
No, there's a subscription.

Thought so...there is some truth to getting what you pay for, much of the free stuff with either charge a fee or be gone in a year!!
Speaking specifically of Portal, it isn't free but it's very cheap ($20 tops, and $10 in some places) and it's a one time fee, not a subscription.

There is a free flash version that is pretty neat at though.

The real 3d version is incredibly mind-bending and the way it uses physics is incredible.
Wow, I really think it is neat that someone has found way to combine video gaming with the classroom. Most children love playing video games, so being able to play them and learn is awesome. Even better, these children are going to be excited for math class because they get to play video games! Hopefully more and more educators will find techniques like this one to get students excited about learning.
I just saw this reviewed in the eSchool News. Haven't looked at it yet but it is free!



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