I'm looking for the top 10 mistakes to avoid when launching a PBL high school for students who have no PBL experience. Wisdom welcome.

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HI Juliette,

Working with 80+ PBL schools in 20 states via Project Foundry (http://wwwprojectfoundry.org) here's my top ten:

1) Recognize physical space matters a lot for PBL!
2) Just because someone can talk about PBL in an interview, does not mean they can do PBL.
3) Don't confuse large teacher project visions with what an actual project is actual.
4) Don't let others tell you students can't do this, they can and will.
5) Don't think people will take your word for it... use something like Project Foundry for PBL management.
6) Don't try to convince those staff who will never believe. Get students to do great things and have their parents make those laggard teachers believe.
7) Don't trivialize student journaling
8) Don't loose your BIE Handbook
9) Make it about workforce development, tangible student achievement and synthesis NOT academic rhetoric
10) Don't not read Tribes, Disrupting Class, Passion for Learning.


Shane Krukowski
Project Foundry -Project-based learning Management

Sorry it's taken so long for me to thank you for this generous reply. As a school within a school (a rather toxic campus environment) your #1 is aptly ranked. Very curious about #10, having read all of them...your thinking?

How do things look 6 years later? ;)



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