Our Colleague Whose Home Was Destroyed by One of the California Fires

Barbara Barreda was one of the first members of Classroom 2.0 (http://www.classroom20.com/profile/babs2teach). She is the principal of Saint Elisabeth School in California, and lost her home yesterday to the one of the major fires burning here.

Having to flee her home during the night with little notice, Barbara is staying with a friend, but I'm told she now has only has the clothes on her back and the few items she could throw into her car.

Barbara has asked for prayers and thoughts as she and her family make all the adjustments that they need to. Clarence Fisher and Jen Wagner have set up a donation fund for Barbara at http://www.jenuinetech.com/bbfund.htm to collect money to help her make it through the holidays. There are also instructions for sending cards, gift cards, or even other donations (Jen has clothes sizes).

Barbara has a special place in my heart, being the one and only attendee at the first EduBloggerCon, held at Shakey's Pizza in Palm Springs in March of 2007 during the CUE conference. Without Babara showing up, the idea of EduBloggerCon might have died on the spot! :)

I hope, if you are able, that you will consider making a donation to Barbara at this time. Thank you.

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I am really sorry to hear about Barbara losing her home. Thanks for letting us know, Steve. I've made a donation. Will you keep us updated?
I live in the area. And have a stack of things headed to Goodwill. How do I contact Barbara to find out what she needs and how I might be able to help?
I'll send you her contact information directly. If anyone else would like it, please message me individually.
So sorry to hear about Barbara losing everything. I've made a donation and will keep her in my prayers.
So far, $2200 has been raised. Thanks to all who have responded. What a great group you are.

Anything you can provide will help.
Awesome. And let's hope it keeps going.

Several years ago another friend of mine lost her home to a fire. The loss of her Christmas ornaments was one of the first things that hit her as well. I gave her a couple of ornaments that had originally hung on my grandmother's tree because everybody should have at least one or two 'grandma' ornaments. She mentioned what I'd done to a couple of friends and next thing she knew, she was inundated with special ornaments from all kinds of people. Maybe, as we begin our decorating this year, some of us could pick out an ornament and send it to the address you've set up for donations? I'd be happy to help get her ornament collection going again.



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