Richard Bryne posted a great list of online math resources to incorporate into your curriculum. What other subjects are you looking for resources on? 

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There are so many excellent free Maths resources on the web that lists with just a small number miss some wonderful sites.

My own favourites can be found on various pages  here. Look at Waldomaths for example. Brilliant.


Sorry Diana - back to your question! I would have thought that teachers of any subject woulf want to find great resources.

Feel free to browse my collection or even use my site in the classroom:
If you are thinking of giving your child some math during the summer, can be a good tool for you. You can think of a way to reward them for the worksheets they complete. It is amazing how well a reward can help. is a fun, easy and effective online math enrichment and assistance program for students K-6. It is designed to help children improve their problem-solving skills, gain confidence in their math abilities and have fun while they learn.

We have just launched our Free Trial! You can now create an account without any charges.


Seems appropriate to up this thread with a post on Mathematics Christmas resources - Mathematics activities

....and on a blogging note - look at that snow - I do love and all they provide for free!

Talking to myself here - but I can see from my Wordpress statistics that people are clicking on the link in my post above - so thought there may be some interest in my post on the most popular posts of 2011.

Happy Christmas everyone!

I see from my WordPress stats that people are still looking at this older thread.

I wrote a post on my own favourite Mathematics sites which may be of interest.

My class is complying a list of resources for all subjects, hopefully we will post it soon somewhere.

Me again!

Just in case people are looking for Maths PowerPoints - David Millward;s collection (all free) is proving very popular.

For whatever reason, I can see from my WordPress stats that this thread is getting quite a few views today, so I thought I'd highlight the thread. On my own blog I've added an 'I'm looking for...' page which I will be adding to.



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