I am running a tech club at the middle school I work at. One of our members is wanting to get into game design. As part of my tech class we work with Lego NXT Mindstorms so students are somewhat familar with object programming.  What I am looking for is a good object oriented game design engine that is open source/freeware that is either a web 2.0 tool or a simple install. Thoughts?

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I'm not sure what you mean by object programming, but have you looked at Scratch. It is a free program that you can use to make all sorts of interatctive programs (games included). There is also a lot of support from teachers all over the planet.

Take a look at this site: http://scratch.mit.edu/

Hope this helps.
Michael Romine
Yes I have looked at it and it is on my list. by object programming I mean there is an object, ex move block, that you place on a field or in a sequence which you can tweak to do different things. What I have seen in the past is on a platform by microsoft, beta, that you placed a ship on the screen and then gave the ship commands to fly up, down, left, etc. based on movement of the arrow keys or do something different if the ship ran into a wall.
If you are wanting a platform designed specifically for game design, you might want to take a look at Game Maker. You can find it at: www.yoyogames.com/make



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