I am a graduate student making a career change from telecommunications to educational technology. Wow. The learning curve is a steep climb but I am up for the challenge! :)

I just completed my first multimedia presentation with sound. I used Prezi and then created audio files for each slide using Audacity. It took me almost two weeks to learn how to use Prezi effectively and then also determine which online tools are best for recording and embedding sound into my presentation time.

I learned that creating a script in MS Word prior to making an audio file helps my ideas flow smoother when speaking. However, it takes me about the same time to create the audio file without the script and then make additional edits.

I am still trying to figure out how to add closed captioning. I want to find a free online tool that "listens' to my presentation and then displays the captioning in sync with my voice.

Would you please provide me with some suggestions about how to speed up this process? I am also interested in learning any tips you would like to share regarding multimedia presentations.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Ericka, I find Prezi a challenge, so I use Emaze which is more like power point.  Also unless you are creating things for your grad course, don't re-create the wheel.  There are so many sources out there to aid your explanation of content.  I will often use Khan academy for its clear explaination with drawings.

Good Luck!  I too am a career changer!

Thanks for the suggestions! I have never heard of Emaze and will give it a try. I hadn't thought about Khan Academy to help myself learn about online presentations.

Best of luck to you as well.

-Ericka Lee

Hey Ericka, I do find Prezi to be a good presentation tool in the classroom but it can be difficult when creating and it cost to use. I have used PowToons for multiple presentations in class and it seems to be much easier to navigate and understand. It can also allow you to use voice recordings for flipped classrooms and visuals. It is free, but if you want the most advanced tools it cost a certain amount per month. Hope this helps! 



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