I recently created a Learnist board on NETS•S Curricular Integration for K-5. As the technology integration coordinator of our PK-12 school, I am tasked with developing a PK-12 technology grade-level NETS-aligned curriculum. It's a bit daunting. Does anyone have any examples of how you have done this in your school? Do your students go to a specialist for "computer lab" time? Does a tech integration specialist come to you? Or how do you, as the classroom teacher, insure that students are meeting NETS standards? Thanks!

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Hi Gretel,

I saw your post on NETS and I'm thinking it may be similar to what we have developed here in Manitoba. Maybe?  In our school we strive to infuse technology throughout the curriculum.  Literacy with Information and Communication Technology is considered a foundational skill.  I will post the link to our Dept of Ed website which explains it.


Our Division had one rep from each school attend meetings which dealt with becoming familiar with the ideas and documents and they went back to their buildings and helped staff implement ideas in the class.  The continuum was especially handy.

Hope it helps.


This is great, Kevin. I'm going to dive in to it and I'm sure it will prove helpful. Thanks so much for posting!

I'm doing something similar. Want to get in touch?



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