The messaging function in Moodle has brought up some issues, especially for some of the younger students that have accounts. From a server standpoint the messaging is either turned on or turned off. I did remove the message block from the Moodle home page last night. You can also check to see if the messaging block is enabled on any of your courses. This does not eliminate students from accessing messages sent to them or sending messages to anyone that has an account on the Moodle server, but it does remove the messaging options from the main pages students view. All messages are logged and read on a regular basis, and when inappropriate messages are found the school is notified. The ESU has not removed any accounts, but I do know that some schools have disciplined students for inappropriate use.

I used the messaging a great deal when teaching online classes last spring and during the summer. I would prefer not to disable the messaging function, but want to hear your thoughts.

Are you currently using the Moodle Messaging to communicate with students or other teachers?
Could you replace Moodle Messaging with some other communication tool that would work as well?
Would you like to have Moodle Messaging enabled or disabled?
Any other thoughts?

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Hi there. We do have moodle messaging turned on at our school - eleven to sixteen year olds but also accessed by 9/10 year olds. It's mildly controversial - some teachers really appreciate being able to message their pupils and answer requests for help from them but others see it as a nuisance in class when children will be messaging their friends in another computer room on the other side of school about nothing to do with the work. We are lucky enough to have a school email system and so in theory could use that instead,but for the moment - with the silent majority winning, the Moodle messaging stays enabled ! There aren't enough people to complain about it to warrant turning it off. People either like it or don;t really mind either way, and the pupils certainly like it.
I do use the messaging to communicate with my high school students. I have strict rules prohibiting messaging among students and when we set things up, we enable the block all other messages in the Settings of their messaging.

I also watch the logs and if I see them messaging, which does show up there, they are "suspended" from the program for a bit until they understand the ramifications.

I have not had too many problems. I see the messaging function as very useful in talking with kids and building relationships and improved communication. Many who are very quiet in class will talk to you online.

Sue Palmer



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