Once again, we are running VOCAB CONTESTS GALORE at Brainyflix.com courtesy of the good people at MIT university and Salesforce. I know, I know. They fell for it again. :)

What this means for YOU is the opportunity to learn SAT & ACT vocabulary AND to compete to win some sweet, sweet coin... i.e. cash, iTunes, and if we can make it happen, those greasy cheese biscuits at Red Lobster (holla if you know what I'm talking about!)

First up, we have the Brainypics Flashcard Contest

Brainypics submitted between NOW and DECEMBER 7, 2009 will compete for a $200 Grand Prize with half of the money going to the Brainypic creator and the other half to his or her school. We'll announce the winner on DECEMBER 10, 2009.

* How will the winner be chosen? Every week, we'll pick our 5 favorite Brainypics, and those 5 will qualify for our final round of judging. The contest lasts 10 weeks, so we'll be choosing out of 50 total Brainypics. (By the way, we're looking for guest judges, like a teacher or Justin Timberlake. Please be in touch if you are interested in judging!)
* Uhhh, what is a Brainypic? Oh, c'mon. OK, OK you can see it here: Brainyflix.com.
* Who can participate? ANYONE!
* How many times can I submit a Brainypic? As many times as you want! You can have more than 1 Brainypic in the final round of judging if you are kicking butt every week. And on top of that, we'll give you 1 free 99 cent iTunes song for every 5 Brainypics you submit.
* Will there be runner-up prizes? YES. We like giving stuff out! We'll pick 10 runner ups. Last time we gave out iTunes gift cards, so it might be that... or a basket of Red Lobster biscuits.
* What do I have to do to win? We can't guarantee you victory, but here is what will you give the best chances of winning:

1. Use the word correctly with proper grammar! You'll be surprised to see how often this doesn't happen.
2. Make the word as memorable as possible. FYI We're suckers for stuff that makes us LOL.
3. Pick a word that doesn't have already have a Brainypic. You'll see the number 0 next to each word on our word list that could use some lovin'. We like this because we really don't need a gajillion Brainypics for the word "abduct"!
4. Get your friends & family to vote for your Brainypic. We receive many submissions, so those with high vote totals will get our attention.

For full details, go to brainyflix.com/main/contest_rules.

And what about the Brainyflix Video Contest?????

Good question. Glad I asked it. YES! The Video Contest will happen! There's a $600 Grand Prize and iTunes goodies, OF COURSE. We'll accept video submissions starting on JANUARY 1 up until MARCH 15, 2010. And the video that receives the most votes from our users will be our winner. The Video Contest is still a few months away, so I won't bore with you with the details here. For all the info, please go to brainyflix.com/main/contest_rules.

That's it for now, everybody! We can't wait to see your vocabulary masterpieces.

- Jack & Nori
The Brainyflix Guys

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Oops I should have just been adding to this thread with the weekly winners each week, but I suppose better late than never...

Here are 5 tough SAT vocab words, taught by our hilarious winners from last week's "Brainypics About Brainypics" contest. As always, choosing them was very tough cause our users are funnaaaay.






You can thank Elgringoalex, Insomniacmushroom, Ipopstar, Ez Mac + Rice + Anna, and Jberestovoy for the lols. Well done, well done. :]

* * * * *

Feeling "emoticon sadface" because your students' Brainypic was not picked? Do they still want to win iTunes and compete for our $200 grand Prize?

We still have 2 more weeks of competition left! This week's contest: Thanksgiving (what else). Give us your funniest Brainypics with a Turkey Day theme.

Get gobblin' at Brainyflix.com.
Hello teachers! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving eating til your bellies bulged.

This is the final week of the Brainypics contest. We'll be picking the last 5 finalists who will compete for our $200 Grand Prize and win themselves iTunes songs. Ooooohhhhh~

We won't be setting a special theme this week. Just get your kids to Brainypics that are funny and memorable. :] Getting started is easy (of course): http://Brainyflix.com.
Here are 5 tough SAT vocab words, taught by our hilarious winners from last week's Brainypics contest. Some were Thanksgiving-themed, others were just flat-out hilarious. All can be enjoyed. :]

P.S. - We had some really great submissions which we had to pass on because there was no source listed. Ooooffffff. Please remember to tell your students to show the source!

Congrats to Misfit1, Lsliker, Asentimentalman, AlbertWesker and Anna Ellis. And thanks again to everyone who participated!

* * *

If you and your kids still want to win iTunes and get a shot at our $200 Grand prize, THIS IS OUR FINAL WEEK OF COMPETITION!

Anyone can get involved. You just need to create a Brainypic at Brainyflix.com.

Good luck, everybody! :D
Hi, I'm posting this quick reminder to let you know that tomorrow will be the last day of submissions for the Brainypics contest! Just make a Brainypics flashcard (easy to do, I swear!), and you'll earn iTunes and compete for the $200 Grand Prize courtesy of the good folks at MIT and Salesforce.com.

Anyone can participate, and you can submit as many Brainypics as you want. Go ahead and get started at Brainyflix.com.

Thanks and enjoy your Sunday! :)


As of midnight last night, students created 900+ Brainypics in one week. Way to finish strong, everybody! :]

As you'd imagine, picking this week's winners to round out the Finalists for the $200 Grand Prize was harder than ever, but we found some worthy winners...

Congrats to Kris_kidd, Quinn, Caleb717, Lizard_king_93 and Babyblue_456 for their contributions.

I'll put together a post with all of the Finalists ASAP for you to check out, as our judges git bizaaay!
10 weeks and 3,818 Brainypics later (whoa), we have your Grand Prize Winner along with 10 Runners Up, as chosen by our panel of judges.

The selection process was very, very, very, very tough... very. But I am sure you will find our prize recipients deserving. Check 'em out:

#10 RUNNER UP – babyblue_456

#9 RUNNER UP – elgringoalex

#8 RUNNER UP – kris_kidd

#7 RUNNER UP – drewprice11

#6 RUNNER UP – countrymusiclover

#5 RUNNER UP – jberestovoy

#4 RUNNER UP – Marina

#3 RUNNER UP – matchmanmatt

#2 RUNNER UP – vazquezd

#1 RUNNER UP – bott_geneseohs


Congratulations, JKollar! And thanks again to everyone who got involved. Even though the Brainypics contest is over, Brainflix.com is still around for your kids to learn SAT vocab in the most funnestestest way possible. Speaking of which...


Make a funny or creative video teaching one of our SAT words and compete to win $600 and other goodies. Learn more at:


Jack & Nori
The Brainyflix Crew
Seasons Greetings, y'all! Just spreading some of the holiday cheer courtesy of our awesome Brainypics users. Enjoy! :)

FYI - Starting on January 1st, you can compete in our 2nd annual vocabulary video contest. It's easy to do!

Just pick a word off of our list, make a funny 1 minute video about it, and submit it to the site. More details at http://brainyflix.com/main/contest_rules



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