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I teach middle school literature, and I'm looking to Skype with another classroom that reads common reading selections as us to compare ideas and questions... almost a huge virtual book club.  My classes, respectively, read from the 6th and 7th grade McDougall Littell Literature series.  My 7th grade class also reads an extensive selection of classic Greek mythology stories.  If you think you might be interested, let me know!

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I teach sixth grade literature and I love the idea. We don't currently have any Greek mythology books in our series. We read The Cay, Roll of Thunder, Bud, Not Buddy, Chinese Cinderella, and spend the rest of the year in our Reading Street Textbook. I'm curious to hear what you're reading.
I teach sixth grade English and reading and I do teach Greek mythology. The book we use is Bernard Evslin's book Heroes, Gods and Monsters of Greek Mythology. I would absolutely love to Skype with your classes. Also, I do know the MDL's series and have pulled from that to compare within my reading classes. Hope I hear back from you. This would be so cool.
I use the series "Retold Classic Myths" to teach Greek Mythology, but I'm guessing that the stories do not deviate much between our two books. I'm familiar with Evslin's book and might even have a copy in my classroom. I'd love to talk together and think about ways our classes can collaborate. I sent you a "friend invite" (or whatever it's called) on Classroom 2.0.
Sounds good. When do you teach Greek mythology? I usually do around late Jan early Feb, because I dove tail with one of our ss teachers on the team and that's when she does ancient Greece.
I just sent you a message through Classroom 2.0 with my personal email in message. :)
Got it, and responded to your yahoo account, I got failure message. My email is anbechert@yahoo.com.
I tried emailing you at that address, did you get it?



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