Is anyone using Snapgrades for record keeping, and willing to share stories?

Hi Folks,
My school is thinking of signing up with, but we are trying to find out how effective it is, or not. Please help me out with a few words if you can!

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I have used it this year. It is a great tool. I used to use GradeQuick and Edline. One thing I like is that parents can set up automatic email alerts for missing work and low grades. You also do not have to up load your gradebook to a site, it is automatic.
Another great feature is that each parent and the students have their own login. Students also have their own "file upload" option, so they do not need a flash drive.
Thanks so much for your feedback! We've recently signed up for it and are excited to see how responsive they are to particular issues that we encounter...
Thanks again,
Hi Tom,
We started with Snapgrades this year. It has been hugely successful at our school. Our teachers and parents are in closer communication than ever before. We really like the email option that allows the teacher to email parents about concerns or issues right from the gradebook. Parents like it and they spend a lot of time emailing ???'s to the teachers, which was a concern of our teachers at first because they weren't used to the scrutiny. We have not had any problems with the system yet, other than some formatting things when we set it up, but since the first week it has worked extremely well.
Thanks, Dale! Has your school tried to customize Snapgrades at all with their customer support help? We, for example, want to have more options for teachers comments (which as it stands only offers 12 checkboxes)... If so, how helpful was Snapgrades?

Thanks for your time and sharing,



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