Our learning center teacher who works with students with mild learning disabilities has a new ipad.  This is the first ipad that we have in the school.  We are looking for free websites for K - 1 and apps for early literacy that can be used on the ipad.  We are completely new to this technology and are open to whatever links/ suggestions to help us move forward in using this technology. (I was surprised that neither Tumblebooks or Starfall will work with the ipad since they run with flash.) I am very curious to know what sites/apps students and teachers are using at the k- 4 level.


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Two resources you might find helpful.


iPads in the Classroom



iTouch and iPad Resources



Thanks for both of these resource links!  It looks like I will find all kinds of possibilities here.

Lorraine, if you have time, check out the iRead program in CA that has been using iPods in the classroom to help students with literacy. They have an exhaustive list of iOS apps - iRead Project   Their spreadsheets contain comments on the right hand side which are very helpful! Most all iPod apps can be used on the iPad. When you search for the them in the App Store you'll be able to see if there's an iPad version. Good luck! One of my favorites is Puppet Pals!


Thanks very much for taking the time to share this resource link with me.  I especially appreciate the free apps as well as your recommendation of Puppet Pals!  Thanks again for sharing this with me!

You're very welcome! :) I also belong to a Diigo group called iPads in Education. Here's the link. Visual Literacy is also a favorite!

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Visual Literacy


You might also want to check out ipodsibilities and iEAR.org

Hi Annemarie,

Thanks for taking your time to respond to my post. I really like both of the links that you shared and I hadn't seen either of them before. Thanks again!!



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