I need engaging and fun math board games and science kits.


I am an educator, former Montessorin, a mother. I love teaching and making learning fun. I believe it should be stress free and of no pressure. I stand against homeworks and think that there are other ways to practice/study at home that note books and text books.

I include fun activities, board games and apps in my curriculum and have seen exceptional results. I am glad I am doing this.

I have tried activities from Pinterest - http://mathforum.org/kb/accountView.jspa?userID=962699. They are great. I ALWAYS include board games as a learning tool. I have played scrabble - https://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-A8769-Scrabble-Deluxe-Edition/dp/B00I..., Addition game Ocean Raiders - https://logicroots.com/math-games/ocean-raiders/, Spin wheel and much more. Games I realize are the best ways.

What are more such games that I can include for math and science?

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Hello! I also work as a math teacher at school! And honestly, I really like the teachers who are not afraid to step back a little from the curriculum and add something new, some interesting games and tasks that will help children love this complex subject. Very often I make presentations with interesting facts and problems, they are bright with a lot of pictures and my students really like them. And now I will try what you are suggesting, many thanks for links!

Thanks Marggie, I will definitely check out the presentations. That seems to be a good idea. :) What grade are you teaching? I can help with fun resources.

Thanks for good words, I'm teaching 6 grade and it will be very nice if you'll share some interesting fun resources, they like play games, they are very active and I want their classes to be fun too.

6 Graders would really enjoy group activities. The bond will build and the learning will be at most from each other. To get them excited for math, include lots of activities and games. I have a 5th grader going to 6 soon and play BigCatch board game him. It is an interesting way to practice division with remainder. The concept of remainder is highly confusing for most kids but this game would help them a lot to understand. Kids are physically counting and  holding the remainders in their hands. I cant explain in words but it is a MUST buy math game for kids. Know more here - https://logicroots.com/math-games/big-catch/

Many thanks, you're really amazing!

so are you! Thankyou :)

I can recommend an app called Quizizz https://quizizz.com/.  It allows teachers to create multiplayer classroom quizzes that include leaderboards, avatars and more. You can find amazing quizzes made by other teachers, or create your own quizzes and share them with the world. My students love those quizzes so much!  Learning through quizzes is fun and effective, so I recommend it to you. 



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