Desktop virtualizaiton is one of the hottest topics around the IT world
today. Some of the many benefits of desktop virtualization include
reduced total cost of ownership, reduced operating costs, and a
reduction to an organizations carbon footprint. Although this all
sounds great, how much are you really saving?

Let's look at an
example using CrossTec's SoftXpand solution. For this example, let’s
say XYZ School is looking to add 1,100 new computers for the 2011-2012
school year. Many schools are looking to save money in IT costs but
have not quite figured out how to do so without sacrificing benefits.

from CrossTec is capable of turning a single PC into up to eight fully
functioning independent workstations. This will significantly reduce
the upfront cost to a school who is buying new computers. But what if
new PC purchases do not quite fit in the budget? Not a problem. SoftXpand can also re-purpose current PC's and turn them into multiple workstations.

back to this example of XYZ Schools. Let's say they currently have 275
computers in their school and do not have the funding available to
purchase the 825 new PC's that they would need to get to their goal of
1,100. With SoftXpand they can still benefit from having 1,100
workstations without purchasing a single new PC!

Since XYZ
schools has had these machines for a few years now, they decide to turn
each PC into four independent workstations, to ensure they do not risk
any performance and can still run graphically intense applications such
as 3D video, CAD software, and more.

Let's take a look at their cost savings:

• Up Front Hardware Savings: $605,000 (79%)
• 12 Month Energy Savings: $32,604 (69%)
• 12 Month Depreciation Cost Savings: $66,600
• 12 Month Total overall costs $196251 (77%)

How about their green savings?

• 75% Reduction in Energy Consumption
• 75% Reduction in Water, Fossil Fuels, and Chemical usage
• 75% Reduction in Carbon Emissions
• 75% Reduction in E-Waste

What does this equate to?
• By using CrossTec’s SoftXpand you could buy 4,400 textbooks for your students with your upfront savings alone!
• You can take 112 cars off the road EVERY YEAR with your carbon emissions savings.

The impact your school would make on the environment by using
CrossTec’s SoftXpand would compare to planting 3,300 trees EVERY YEAR!
• Without using SoftXpand, 125 teachers would need to bike to work every day to offset the carbon emissions.

To read the full article, click HERE.

To find out more information, please click HERE.

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Well said cprofitt.

Also, the problem I've always seen with set-ups like this is if the main system crashes you lose 4 workstations.

I have individual workstations all connected to a file server which with a daily backup. Yes, I have to buy individual workstations, but if one dies it doesn't impact any of the work, and only drops 1 system from the inventory (not 4 workstations if 1 system dies). If the server dies, all the work is backed up and restoring the system would only take an hour or so, and in the interim the stand-alone workstations would still function.

And yes, the OP sounds a bit addish...
Hey CP!

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