How can you shift away from notes and worksheets?

I am currently teaching Science 10 and I've tried to make the course activity based but there are times when I find that notes and worksheets seem the most efficient.


How do you break out of the "notes and worksheet" routine?


What activities do you use in your classroom?







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What type of technology is available to you?  If you have access to an interactive whiteboard it is a great way to begin the transition away from worksheets because the lesson can be replicated to make it interactive and students can approach the board to answer the worksheet questions.  Students are engaged and working collaboratively, but ultimately the material is identical, it is merely the format of the presentation that has changed.

Notes and worksheets are the most effecient.

The question is if efficiency is really your goal or not. Sometimes it will be and then you should use the tool that is most appropriate for the task. There's nothing wrong with lecture. It has worked for centuries. I'd say there is a problem with straight up lecture with no student interaction though. I designed a bunch of "brain snacks" (also called "Syn-naps" in other cases) to put into my lectures to add interactivity and actual thought. They are just 2-3 minute activities that allow (ok, force) processing of the material. It definitely helped me get over the dirty feeling of lecturing and the students have responded very, very well.



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