I've started using Google+, and I think it has great potential not just to rival Facebook, but to serve as a very viable outlet for professional learning networks.  Anybody else using it?  Or would anybody like an invite? 


If you're already in and would like to add me to a circle, my profile is here.  If you'd like an invite, send me an email at cbscofieldmath at gmail.com.  (You need to have a gmail account to get into Google+)

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have just added you - have started up recently as well - and also impressed with the potential.
Have sent you an email - currently fed up with reading all about this and not being able to try it out!
Just sent you a invite.  Enjoy.
Thank you Chris - I'm now in anyway - it was your information that one needs a gmail account that did it - created one - and instantly in!
I have two google plus accounts. I have a separate gmail for teaching, so I ended up with two google plus accounts inadvertently, but I like having the two accounts. Although.. it is a lot more circles to manage.

Added you.  I'm just trying to get lots of people on my google+ to see what it can do.  So far all I notice is people getting more "friends" but not posting or doing anything with it.  As I get more people I hope that changes.





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