Dropping 200 lbs in 1 year - Will tablets replace standard textbooks?

For many years schools have been purchasing standard paper textbooks for
students. As we continue through the digital age, how much longer do
these books have to their existence?

Tablet PC’s and iPad’s are becoming the way of the now, not just the way of the future. Some schools are already starting to implement them
into their curriculum. There are several advantages of switching over
to a tablet model from the standard textbook model, the most obvious
being price.

Standard textbooks are very expensive, especially when you need to continually purchase new ones to keep them up to date.
Many K-12 schools spend up to $1200 per year for every student on
standard textbooks. College students can pay over $1200 a semester on
standard textbooks. You can buy a mid-level tablet for a onetime fee of
roughly $500. Obliviously there will be costs to the publishers but
this will be nowhere near the cost of continually purchasing standard

Check out the whole article at: http://schoolvue.blogspot.com/2010/08/dropping-200-lbs-in-1-year-wi...

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Having an iPad or an electronic reader can definitely reduce the cost of books, but I wonder what happens when, or if, these devices are no longer the "cool' thing to have. Could we wind up eventually reverting back to the old textbooks and heavy backpacks? Don't get me wrong, I am all for these devices, especially if it serves as a positive in the classroom.
Bill, I really don't think there is going to be backsliding trend in general. IMHO, iPads as a brand may or may not go out of style, but not digital textbooks. Exactly what device kids use to read them in 10 years may be a question, but I would bet that schools/kids can get rid of their lockers, backpacks and desks.
I like the catchy headline for this post! It's an attention grabber for sure. There definitely should be a wave of textbook updates sometime in the future. If schools look at the fiscal differences alone, most will jump at the chance to save what they can.



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