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I have encountered a problem in my district that I am hoping some one out there may be able to solve. There are several teachers who upon attempting to print their Notebook lesson for students it freezes their computer and of course the printing is not successful. I have contacted SMART about this problem and have not received a solution as yet. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know of a solution? Thank you in advance for your responses.


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Try to print the lessons by printing to a completely different model / brand of printer. if that works, you know you computer and SMART software is OK, it's the printer causing issues.

If you can print using a different printer, then I suspect your main printer software (print driver) to be the culprit. I would guess that the printer drivers are incorrect, out of date and / or are "unsigned" meaning they are not checked and approved by Microsoft to be compatible.

Go to the printer manufacturer's website and check for updated and signed drivers. Install and test.

If, however, you try to print those lessons on an HP printer and then a Epson and then a Canon or whatever you have at your disposal and each and every one causes the same problem (freezing) then we know it's not likely the printers.

If it fails on every printer type or brand you have, then we have to suspect either the Operating system of the computers or the actual SMART software being a problem. Fine, lets check for updates to both of those and install all updates and patches. Try printing again. Still fails? Do we have any computers on campus that CAN print SMART lessons ? What operating system (WIN2k, XP, VISTA, ) and version of SMART are they running?

This sounds like an issue for somebody with tech skills and plenty of time.

Good luck.
Thank you for taking the time to reply to this plea for help. I will give this all a try and see what happens. I was able to print to a printer in my office but the person sitting across from me was unable to print using the same printer and Notebook software! We will give this a try.



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