Hi, I have been using Moodle on my own server this semester, but my school is going over to eCompanion. I assume it has similar features. I have used Blackboard quite a lot. Does anyone have any good materials or reviews that compare these different tools? I know we all have our favorites for various reasons, but would like an article that really compares them feature for feature and explains the differences.

Also, if anyone has evaluated different packages and has come up with a reason why they picked one over another, I would like to hear about that as well.

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Georgia Virtual School uses Desire2Learn and Moodle for some free resources from the Dept. of Ed.
What does anyone know about Elluminate?
Georgia Dept. of Ed uses Elluminate extensively with the GA Virtual School program and other departments who have live meetings for the entire state. Recordings are then available also for those who could not login to the live sessions.
We are currently looking to move from Moodle to Angel Learning Network. What are your thoughts about Moodle, and its ability to deliver instruction? We are trying to decide if we shoujld stay with Moodle during these difficult economic times.
How are corealted Moodle and difficult economic times. I don't see a point.
Our university is using Blackboard now. It's great!
Desire2Learn is very competitive price-wise and their customer service is usually good; seem to be more higher ed than K-12. PBS Teacherline was using D2L - not sure if they still are.



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