What are some classroom management techniques that you have found to be both innovative and effective?

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Thank you Gillian for the information and the supportive comments!
If you are in a computer lab you can get lab-management software that works well with students too.

I have a Mac lab so I use Apple Remote Desktop (there are similar apps on the PC side too). I can control, share, and lock screens. I can take screenshots of what they are working on, etc. Nothing gets your point across faster than locking every computer. Students will try to Google inappropriate stuff, I'll take a picture of their screen, print it out, and ask them if they want me to send it home. Generally a locked screen or seeing their mis-behavior in print is enough to re-direct them and rarely do I have an issue a second time.

Computer lab or not, I feel when a firm measure of accountability and consequences exist, it makes it easier for the students to focus on the work, thereby leading to a more managed classroom. When the work, accountability, and consequences are unclear and unenforced it leads to a rapid breakdown in the management.

While looking for classroom management solutions recently, I came across Faronics Insight http://faronics.com/products/insight which is by far the best classroom management software. It has a central console which helps teachers not just monitor student activities but also control the devices of each student. It can restrict access to browsers and several applications that eliminate distractions. We first tested it in the 30 day trial period, and then took the decision of buying it.



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