Click for full article There is no denying the appeal of interactive whiteboards: to interact directly with the image transcends the mouse-and-keyboard experience, opening opportunities for memorable learning experiences.  

What if you could get most of what you needed for less than $100 instead of $2k-10k for an off-the-shelf smartboard?  Might that be good enough?

This AV-1 article describes how to achieve smartboard functionality on any kind of display, using only a $40 Wii video game controller and a few parts from Radio Shack.

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If you live near a Micro Center they have refurbished Wiimotes for $20. See link below...
One of the schools is my district is playing around with this. They've had limited success the biggest problem being the infrared of wiimote being blocked by whoever is working at the board. An intriguing idea none the less.
I think that it is suggested that you put the wiimote off to the side at a 45 degree angle to the board, or above the board looking down. Not tried it yet myself, but that was a tip I saw when watching the videos for these.



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