I've just re-discovered Twitter, a social network that asks "What are you doing?" The cool thing is, in the Ed Tech world you can create a network of people who are there to help you, and give you support and suggestions at a moments notice.

Looking for a resource? Just send out a tweet and someone will know the answer. Dealing with technology resistance? My twitter network reminds me that there are people in the world who are as passionate about this stuff as I am. I write a blog post every Tuesday called "Two for Tuesday" where I share two interesting technology links - this week my links are all thanks to my Twitter network. (Thanks Twitter network).

Recently, I increased the number of people I'm following from 70 to 170. I've discovered that more is actually better in Twitter, it increases the odds of someone being there for you. I also downloaded Snitter an application that pops up to let me know about new tweets. You can follow me on twitter - look for lizbdavis, then check out the people I'm following and follow them too.

Kevin Honeycutt is creating a Vodcast that answers the question "What is Twitter good for?" You can follow him on Twitter too.

Are you using Twitter? What do you like about it? Still confused? Ask your questions here.

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I've been using Twitter for general status updates and Yammer for more personal posts. Yammer does not have the character restrictions and has a more dependable desktop app...and the ability to post pics & files.

I tried out about 15 different microblogging tools. Yammer is my favorite.
Hi, Adam, I'm following your tweets now! Have you seen the wiki page for teachers to help us locate other teachers' twitter accounts? If you start following others listed there they often follow you back, and you'll be able to get more followers that way. Good luck! http://twitter4teachers.pbwiki.com/
Hi Adam - Feel free to check out my PLN on twitter... not too big, but I have a lot of great educators, who have connections to others.. and so on and so on! :) I will look for you... My twitter: kimtufts - Good luck! Kim
Liz - I use Twitter basically every day - never thought I would use it so much, but find it extremely valuable. I have an iPhone now so it's even easier to glance at what's happening in the twitter universe. I use twitterific. Will look into Snitter.
I just starting using twitter not long ago. I have found it interesting but haven't used it for much except posting the feed from my blog there. I think the more I use it the more uses I will find.
I have been hearing about Twitter in meetings, on the news, etc. Now you inspired me to join. I just did, and searched for many names of friends and colleagues, with no luck. I think I'm the first "twitterer" in my sphere. SO I am following you, Liz, and thank you for being there so my Twitter profile isn't full of 0's:) Lorraine
Is anyone using Twitter as a parent/student communication tool? Setting up a "class" account versus a personal one? Mrs. Smith's class is . . . etc?
Yes! I have started using twitter and I think its great! Reading and learning about new ideas, new tools and what's new in education world wide, is just awesome! I recommend this basic tool to other educators! Try many search terms when seeking other twitters, many use their names like i did and its important to fill out the Bio section, this indicats what you do and your interests! But once you locate an educator, there will be many more to select from. Happy tweeting!



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