I'm very concerned that so many children have all of the sudden been listed on this site with full identification. I'm worried about security and think that it would be most prudent to remove these children from the site. Our site is publicly accessible by anybody. (I've actually called Steve Hargadon but he's not accessible (enjoying a well earned Thanksgiving Break.)) Please remove these children from this site.


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Well, that makes sense. This was just a mistake that you fixed.

I don't mind putting you on the spot because i know that you will always respond with openess.;-)

I wanted to clarify my opinion on this. I am all for conversation and inclusion of students. I have launched my own learning community site at www.masterymaze.com where teachers and students are welcome to discuss topics together. I invite all to participate. I do ask however that students "minors" have user names for safety purposes. if someone wanted to use a real name and picture I would want parental consent to do so. Conversation and safety can both be achieved with some minimal precautions. I was concerned because the pics were of elem kids and I was afraid it was some type of mistake.

I believe that we can learn best if we are both involved in the process. That is my approach to teaching. I ask for feedback and incorporate it into what I do. I am doing my best to jump into the students world and use methods which reach them. My students will be in the forums soon on my site and we will begin a dialogue. All are welcome! My blog contains info relevant to both groups-- and my podcasts are designed and available for use by both teachers and students! It's a community! At the same time I will do my best to keep them safe.

Interesting discussion.


Sue P aka The Maze



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