OK, I'm loving the influx of questions from the Colorado State University contingent. It's great to have you here on Classroom 2.0.

Some of the questions you are asking have never been asked before on Classroom 2.0, and I'm thinking you are going to stretch us in good ways. For example, we haven't had a lot of dialog on the uses of technology in the sciences, and I added Chemistry and Biology to our "tag" lists because of this.

Here are some suggestions to make best use of the Classroom 2.0 resource.

1. Check the "find interesting discussions" tag links on the right side of every page, and see if there are already discussion threads that will provide you with some good answers. For instance, Justin Anderson asked about history resources, and there are a couple of discussions that he'll want to look here that will be helpful. And don't forget to look at those tags for tagging your own discussions.

2. If someone has started a discussion on a topic (like slavery), it will be easiest to add your interest to their post, so that the discussion doesn't have to take place in multiple discussion threads.

3. Be aware that many of the original members of Classroom 2.0 teachers have been teaching without technology for a long time, and they might not have Web 2.0 or technology resources for a topic. You may be breaking new ground, so be sure to keep the discussions updated with what you have found.

Have a great time here.

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This is cool! Welcome people.

Just to add to what Steve said, if the question is, "how do I use technology to teach ____" you are going to have to then answer a lot of questions about why you want to teach that, what your expected outcomes are, how much time you have, do all students have computers, cameras, great Internet access, etc.

It would be more interesting to have a little context or hear what your ideas are. Even though we all love it, technology isn't the first thing to think about when you structure a learning experience. So the answers you get will be richer and more useful if we know what you are thinking. And until we get to Web 3.0 (mind-meld technology), you'll have to write it down!



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