Can anyone suggest creative ways to use technology to present the concept of DNA to high school aged students?

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I second the University of Utah's resources. Very, very nice. You should also be able to find a number of decent animations of dna replication, electrophoresis etc... on Youtube.
I write about a great site in my post
23andMe Provides Authentic and Personalized Learning Opportunities .... You don't have to sign up for the service to use the site. There is great information there shared in interesting ways and it is authentic. The company was started by the wife of one of the founders of Google.
I use a bunch of different web resources during our genetics unit... I've listed a bunch of them below (there are a few more on our class website links page - - primary literature from the discovery of the double helix - tutorials and animations about different genetics concepts - lots of good resources - homepage of the human genome project - University of Utah a great page with lots of animations, tutorials, resources, and projects (my students get really into the Newborn Genetic Screening project when we're looking at genetic disorders) - focused on Rosalind Franklin



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