Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Miss K, If you respond to discussions you will then recieve emails when the discussion has new comments, that's what I do. I also glance at the discussions on the home page to see which ones I want to follow. Welcome aboard.
thanks Nancy:-)
Hello! My name is Arlene Chua and I am a high school science teacher from Guam, USA.
Hello from Canada! My name is Rob :)
I teach a paramedic program at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario and work as a paramedic on occasional weekends and over the summer.
I am looking forward to learning from other educators here! :)
Hey, I'm Ryan and I am currently a middle school technology teacher in Corning, New York. I also find time to teach online computer programming classes through a regional NYS-accredited program to high school juniors and seniors.

I've been on a journey for the past 8 years trying to become a full-time technology coordinator; got my first masters in Instructional Technology... then got the NYS-required Educational Leadership (aka school administration) degree last year. So I can finally have the title of coordinator or director in this state. Of course now that I'm looking for a job, I'm checking out the entire country...

I hope to find some other hardcore geeks in here... maybe find some special login script tricks and/or administration hacks, things like that :-)
Greetings everyone from Japan, where I try to teach English to college students. To get a better idea of some of my areas of interest in CALL, please go check out my site at , which is meant to help both teachers and learners of all major world languages. You will see all pages provide instant glossing into about 140 of them and TONS of other very useful links. Take a look, as I think it will speak for itself. Speaking of which, the site does speak if U have a TTS program installed. There's one U can get free from the right menu called "This Site Speaks For Itself!"
Finally, I was raised with Intl students in central NY, so that may explain some of my deep interest in all languages and cultures of the world! :) Cheers & Best Wishes to U all! John Paul Loucky (U may also contact me via my site)
WoW! John, Thanks for this link. It is the most comprehensive site I have seen. I teach English in Egypt, and I am trying to learn Arabic and Spanish, so believe me, I can use this good news.

Best wishes to you and your students,
Deborah Kerwood
I am a graduate student in IT and am researching ways to use emerging technologies in the classroom. My context is middle school technology and I would love any ideas you may have to share..I am specifically researching Second Life, Moodle and WIkis.
Hi all, Meti from SMAKBO, Bogor Indonesia. I teach English (ESL)
Just starting to find my way around this social network. Hope to learn a lot more about Web 2.0 from all of you.
Salam kenal juga Bu Meti, slamat bergabung di CR2.0
Wah senangnya bisa kenal dengan Pa Amin disini.
Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, PA)
PLP NING member
Life long learner
Want the best possible education for my students
To date: 10 years learning with and guiding 7th graders
10 years survivor of high school and its politics
Very happy to have this opportunity to learn with other like minded professionals



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