What has become clear...if we want to create learning environments we have to put the tools there!

Maybe instead of re-imagining the definition of a learner, we need to identify what the learning space looks like first.


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It's so easy to forget the power of positive feedback! I wonder sometimes if I will ever quit being amazed with the learning.

We just finished up our four day class, which actually spanned over a 7 day period and it was awesome! The amount of time it has taken put a drain in what I could focus on. Between our awesome class| http://usd352teachertalk.blogspot.com/, state reporting, scheduling, NECC, MTI, and our second summer institute, time for my own enjoyment and reflection...if not careful will take a toll.

Always excited and thankful to have such great connections!
I agree with what you say, but I also would add that we must always ask 'why?' and 'what for?"

These are soporific questions that I've heard over and over, but working with a faculty that, for the most part, views tech integration as the next 'thing' that will soon become 'something else', I find I must always ask them the aforementioned questions if I want to plant a web2.0 or some other tech resource into their teacher-led instructional lives.

I would add a hearty 'welcome back', but not knowing you or where you have been, I'll merely say, "hello".
Please make it clear your phrases "learning environments" and "learning space".
Is it physical space, social or web-space or
set of learning facilities that can be put before learner whoever may be!
Learning spaces: in the actual physical space, we need to be sure that it mimics the real world of what the students are learning at the time. For instance, if they are learning space science, we need to have a lab for testing, measuring, viewing, listening, and a work space for researching, reporting, collaborating. But again, later, when the students are learning something else, the room is able to be transformed for that unit as well.

There are, of course, other learning spaces that need to be considered as well. Some schools may not have access to some of the tools that might be needed for space scientists. So we can begin to use our virtual space for collaborations, and simulations, as possible. I wonder though...what will the collaboration/virtual space look like in real life? Students working individually? Students working in pairs in libraries? Students working outside or in their bedrooms? What would the physical space for conducting virtual collaborations look like? Recliners? hmmm...
Personally, I'm holding out for the Holodeck! It may not that far out in the future!
I'm not a Trekie, but scientists and researchers are using and improving virtual reality applications. I'm looking forward to taking a virtual trip back to meet the homesteaders who built my country home in 1861, or perhaps interviewing a virtual Ike Eisenhower as Commander of the Allied Troops in World War II. (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070404234746.htm)
It's closer than we may think! From MUD and CAVE to scientific visualization and space exploration applications at NASA's SimLabs, the research in VR is opening up avenues that we've not dreamed of yet. Google and NASA are even teaming up to produce virtual reality trips to Mars! (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070404234746.htm)
Those of you who've tried Second Life and other online VR commumities and games are playing with the results of some of that research. Who knows what will become available to our students - and to us?
Beam me up, Scottie!
Disucussion went to far off places .... VR communities, space research, etc.

I would like to come to nearby places.
The words "learning environment and learning space"
to me, mean that every thing that is accessible to average student.
His school, teachers, parents, books, library, Internet, TV
his friends and people & things he meet everyday.
Can we improve (t)his environment?

I have a childhood dream of sitting quietly in a big library
reading books on every subject,
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Botony, History,
one by one, all books in the library!
Whenever I have a doubt while reading a book
I will go to somebody standing there,
ask him / her for clarifying my doubt.
I am lucky (because I am in dream) that
I get somebody who can clarify my doubt.
Can such an environment be created anywhere
physical place or on Internet or anywhere else?



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