Hi all,

I am a technology teacher at a K-8 Catholic school in Maine. I am interested in doing some experimental Skype sessions with fifth grade students. Other grades would be great as well... I just have outstanding 5th graders so I thought it might be a good place to start. With our setup we would really only be able to have one computer Skyping at a time. I was thinking maybe just having students share pieces of writing, or having each student give a fact about their state/country... simple things at first, with the focus more on experiencing the technology than the actual content.

Anyone interested?

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How would you like your students to be able to Skype with students in China? Please see our project at Ningxia Dragon Student Ambassadors. These students may be a little old - high school and college - but you'll see the potential for these kinds of social networks to bring students from around the globe together. I am opening a series of private schools across northwest China that includes students of all ages - K-16. See the videos on the community site. I think you'll find it interesting. I'm happy to talk if you want and explore possibilities.

Steve Wilmarth
New School Student Ambassadors
This would be great for us as well. I am a technology coordinator at a K-8 Catholic school in Central New Jersey. We have 2 5th grade classes and would be thrilled to have this kind of project.
Form cold, snowy, Palmer, AK; I would love to have some of my 5th graders participate. We have SKYPE (though our IT dept. wants a week's notice to open it. Sheesh, you'd think it was a galactic wormhole!.)

The other problem is making the time work, 4hrs difference from here to EastCoast. My morning is your afternoon, but if it works for you, we can do it.
Hi Christine,

since you want to go online with your students I highly recommend you check out Wiziq's virtual classroom.
Yes, I would be very interested! I am a media specialist at a small rural school in Kansas. I would love the opportunity to share classes. 5th grade would be ideal. We could share facts about the state, weather conditions comparisons, favorite books, - in fact any great ideas you have will be super. I go with the flow.....!:>) Let's connect via skype or email!
Whenever we have started some "new" technology experience with students below 8th grade our school (the teacher and administrator sign off) sends home a letter introducing the project and alerting the parents that the students will be communicating with students in another classroom. We always give them the choice to request that their student NOT participate, but also strongly encourage the experience for all students. In this instance the use of SKYPE would happen ONLY on the teacher's laptop. As far as installing the item, setting up the communication methods, etc, this would be handled by the teacher prior to the live chat. We are getting ready to connect with an author early in February and I can let you know how we approach that with 4th grade parents and what the response is to the activity. Also parents sign off at the beginning of each year allowing their students to post project work and photos online without the use of individual names. Hope this helps you out!
I agree with the points that you brought up. Safety and security are definitely issues. And I can see how this could create major problems with parents. Not only because this is something that is being done at school but also because you are teaching young children how to use technology that they will most likely go home and try on their own without the supervision of a teacher. I would suggest maybe using this technology with older kids or taking a different approach to integrating technology into the classroom.
Hey Christine,

Just started looking at this site. Teaching fourth grade, not fifth, and am just ready to go up on Skype with my students.
Looks like you've had a lot of response, so you're probably all set, but I just thought I'd put it out there...we're interested in finding Skype Class Partners.

Another irony is I'm a Maine native, born in Lewiston in '57. I've been out here in California since '71, and teaching since the early 90's. It would be fun to connect students from opposite ends of the country.

Let me know if you're interested in developing something for our classes, or have other colleagues looking for Skypers.
be well,
Check out our SkypEd Directory at http://skypeinschools.pbwiki.com You might find some people interested in similar topics.
I'm a tech integration specialist at Singapore American School and I have a class of 22 5th graders, each with their own Skype account and laptop, eagerly wanting to discover new learning via Skype.

Would love to connect to share writing, do book talks, learn about new cultures, etc.

Keith Ferrell



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