Anyone using this? Can you share what ideas and projects you have used this for with students?

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I've ran into this problem. All Glogster has told me is to let them know when something like this happens and take a screen shot and send it to them. However, it is a little difficult to do that when you can't find the glog! I would contact Glogster and give them your account information and see what they can do.

I really really like this product, except for when it doesn't work!
Hi - I just came across this through the forum and I had to respond. I've used this with kids and the absolutely love it!! It's a great way for students to create posters at the end of a unit, write about a specific term or concept or just share ideas about themselves. If you want, check out my wiki page and there is a great example of one that also exhibits web 2.0 tools. It's very easy to use and the teacher can manage it entirely. Good luck!
There is the educational version,, that my students love. I teach 6th grade science and they have created many projects. The first assignment was Science and Me which was just to get them using the site and getting familiar with what it can do. The next two projects escalated in criteria. The first was comparing Mitosis and Meiosis. The second was Ecosystems at Risk. Not only can the students create projects, but you can use it, too. My homepage on my wikispace is an embeded glog. I have seen glogs where the teacher used it for guidelines for a project, paper, research, etc. and for introductions and interactive lessons. When I first looked at, I too thought it might cause some parent phone calls. I then learned of and loved it. The projects can remain private where only there classmates and myself can view them or with parental permission, they can make it public. So much more exciting and engaging for the students than creating a poster.
I have actually used this with boys. And with specific directions and topics that interest them, they are happy to create. I teach ESL pullout. my 4/5 group is working on "drumming and me" after an artist residency at our school. The focus is on writing. They must have a well-constructed paragraph and can take their own pictures. They must upload a video from our school that is on schooltube. The 3rd-graders are working on insects and must write a complete paragraph as well as cover some aspect of insects: life cycles, body parts, etc. I think with the right instructions, it works quite well. They are really excited to create something so quickly... Here are my latest glogs:

In fact I have a project I develop as an activity for the course on Teaching Methodology I was following. It's about Punctuation. What do you think?



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