When we look back 10 years from now, what will have been the one thing that will have revolutionized education the most?

Charter schools?

High-definition interactive video chat?

The use of mobile phones as learning devices?

Something else?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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A very pertinent point raised. I was so hoping that when I have my kids going to school, they should not carry the cumbersome baggage in the garb of learning.

http://parentingresources.suite101.com/article.cfm/the-effect-of-he... throws light on this aspect.

Technology can ultimately be a savior in this case.
I think we need to look at what will revolutionize education in a positive way. Often, technology is used in a way that does not enhance learning, but merely takes the place of an older method. For instance, too often we see people misusing laptop and smartboards as replacement for textbooks and chalkboards. When we utilize technologies such a laptop computers in a ways that engage students and makes learning interactive, we act in a way that is revolutionary. Increased interactivity between students and the learning content really brings about true learning in the classroom.

Therefore, I would argue that technologies that bring interactivity and engaging experiences to classroom is the revolution.
Increasing interactivity between teachers and students, accompanied by students with students will ultimately lead to more effective and engaging learning.

I agree with Joe on that technologies do need bring interactivity. Mobile Learning for ex. should be still be more about Learning than about Mobile itself.

http://k12.emantras.com/product-mobl21.html Is one of the ilk, I suppose.
I think second language immersion education could be a revolutionary force in U.S. education. It is still relatively rare in the U.S. and it is rare for U.S. students to develop any useful form of second language fluency. I think immersion education will continue to grow however, and I think it will be revolutionary to have future generations of U.S. students that are fluently bilingual or trilingual.



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