Hi there, 2nd year blogging and using technology in the classroom with my kids. We're looking for classrooms to blog with and perhaps work on some collaborative projects. Open for ideas on incorporating classroom 2.0 into our classroom. This year I will have about 35 grade 7 students and about 70 grade 8 students teaching them English, History and Geography.

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Hey Mr. d,
Ms M here with 4 groups of grade 8s and 2 groups of 7s. I just signed into Classroom 2.0 a minute ago. What can you tell me about this site and what you have done in the past? I am not new to the web but have been kind of introverted in terms of using an in-house portal and discussion forum. The whole point is reaching out and communicating with the world out there. In grade 8 a few themes I might like to discuss this year are: Homelessness, Slavery, Corporate Control of our Food System. We are reading The Outsiders and Tunnels and I subscribe to 2 Scholastic Scope publications - Upfront and a Science magazine. We read The Montreal Gazette, Maclean's magazine, and listen to CBC podcasts (The Hour). Right now we are writing childhood memory stories and the kids are doing their individual novel study projects.
In grade 7 we are reading Tuck Everlasting and Holes. Some gifted students are doing a literature circle on the theme of WW ll and the Holocaust ( using a variety of Historical and Biographical novels). We have been writing short stories, music reviews, biographies, journals and newspapers called "About Me."
I have a portal community for each group which is quite structured and secure. I am completely open to any suggestions and have collaborated online in the past using blackboard.com and email (epals).
What are you up to this year?
We recently introduced our 5th graders to the concept of blogging with an introductory current events blog. The students summarized current events and posted them to the blog. They are now reading and commenting to others. If anyone is interested in commenting or having your students comment my students will be checking the blog in the next week or two. Thanks! http://gtpsblogs.org/grade5
I'm new to teaching, and new to Web 2.0. I have a Grade 7 class of about 25 students. I would love to collaborate with other classes primarily for Language Arts, but also for other classes where appropriate.

BTW, I'm in rural New Brunswick, in a fishing village, on a small island in the Bay of Fundy.
I've got some 6th graders (age 12ish) that might like penpals. Email me at nbosch@aol.com if interested.
Please join the "Global Lean"

blog at http://globallean.edublogs.org
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Give the world a voice in a joyful celebration of diversity!

Thanks! Peggy Sheehy
Hi again Mr. d.,
I am interested in collaborating. I am looking at 2 websites currently:
The first one allows you to create a live radio broadcast where you can listen in and contribute questions to the show. It is later archived. I am testing it with students in 2 days at lunch time. I will let you know how that goes. The show is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22 at 12:30 EST. Where are you located? The name of the channel is CDSL Live.
My login on there is PattiMcCurdy
and my email is pattimccurdy@hotmail.com

What are you up to this year?
Hi Mr. D and others,
I want in on this communication, but I have yet to start a class blog. I'll be checking yours out and checking back in. I teach language arts & world geography to students in grades 5-8. I'd probably start with my 7th & 8th graders (26 and 20 in each grade). We are in suburban Vermont.
Debra, Welcome aboard.



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