A first year teacher was denied an ad-free ning site for her 5th/6th grade class.

At times, there are ads that pop-up on the side bar that are not appropriate for the age group or the classroom environment.

Here are two unedited examples of Google Ads:

10 Rules of Flat Stomach
Cut Down 9 lbs of Stomach Fat every 2 Weeks by Obeying these 10 Rules.

24 Yr Old Makes Big Money
Makes More Money than both Parents Combined. He is showing others how.


Here is the email from ning customer support:

Hi there,

I'm sorry to inform you that you cannot create a network for 5th and 6th
graders. This is against our Terms of Service and Federal Law.

In order to read more about this please take a look at our Terms of
Service and COPPA, in the links below.



Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding this.


The teacher's initial reaction is to use blogger to create a class blog and blogs for all of her students.

She has an open house tomorrow night.

What would you recommend that she do?

Apparently, it is against NING Terms of Service and Federal Law to create a network for K-6 grade students. Is this true?

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Related--One of our dads set up our blog with Drupal and it has been amazing. The nicest part about it is that each kid can have a blog off the main site and I can see what's going on at all times. You can see our blog here, I blog on the front page, you can see latest student blogs by clicking on Recent Posts.



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