As the title sugests, I am looking for simulation software for teaching simple circuits.
Eons ago we used to use the virtual lab software from Riverdeep - low res and limited, but fun for the younger kids. I have found Yenka and Edison , the former being perhaps too robust for simple circuits (and not particularly easthetically pleasing), and the latter being way too pricey to install on 160 student laptops.
Does anyone hear know of other simulation software that might be akin to the Edison package, but reasonably priced?

I should add that Yenka is now free for students to install and use at home, but we are not allowed to use the free version in the classroom.

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It has been almost a year since you posted but if you are still looking try PhET. Their circuit simulator is excellent, and importantly, free!
I dont know what your budget or curriculum is...but I think kids playing and using actual electricity is pretty cool. I'm just speaking from my previous experience as a 4th grader learning about electricity. There is something that the computer experience will add....but there's also something that it will lack. Just my 2 cents.
Nothing beats playing with a few cells, wires and globes but it is the abstract or unseen that the simulations can help to clear-up. You can 'see' the current of electrons.
I do this cheap with my students. A couple of C or D batteries and some old Christmas lights. I just cut them down to only one or two lights each.

Even if you have to buy them new you can get Christmas lights are really cheap. I got mine free one day on trash day while I was walking to school.
Yep - if you get hands-on stuff (I'm scrounging old radio-shack kits for my senior college digital circuits work)
On a simulation bent though there are some simple java applets for logic circuits around as well. Simcir is free (downloadable or on-line) but a little non-standard.
What goes around, comes around...
I have been playing with OhmZone and PhET - thanks for pointing that one out!
When possible, I like to give the kids hands-on stuff, but some like to know what they are doing first, and the ability to play with it on their own time is useful.



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