Calling all middle school science teachers! Ever used a Wiki to design a unit with collaborators from all over the world? It's about time you did! I'm looking to create a science unit over the summer, and I'd like to do it using my Science Wiki. Please let me know if you would like to be part of the team. I'm going to be using a UBD Backwards Design template. I'd like to write about the process, and track the success of all of our classrooms. We'll post the vids and pics here as well, when we're done. Do you have any experience doing this, or would you be new to this process? Are you interested?

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Hi Daniel,

I'm interested! I just finished my first inquiry unit using backward design in a social studies unit on justice with my Gr. 6 students. I am also using enactment strategies (Jeff Wilhelm--Action Strategies to Deepen Comprehension) as part of the inquiry process and have used them in a recent diversity of life unit. I need to put more time into that one to make it a richer learning experience all around. Looking forward to working together!
No- this should be a content specific unit. We all have activities- lab activities, reading activities, data activities- you name it. What we need to do is just put our heads together, decide on a topic, authentic goal, choose the standards, and then arrange the classroom activities to support the goal. It will work if we use backwards design, because UbD depends on teachers to do the designing of the unit.
Yes we could start with something like that...
I'd like to participate in this development process. I do need to make sure the topic is included in my curriculum. I haven't done something like this before and would like to have the experience. Any links for UBD I could check out to become familiar with what its all about?
Cool! We're going to decide on a topic, so hopefully we can keep it inclusive.

Here's UbD in a nutshell.

I need an email address to invite you to the wiki!

I'm teaching a pbl design course this summer and might have some students (practicing teachers) who might want to dig in with you. And... I'm interested in this model of collaborative program development. I'd like to lurk. Could you ping me around July 8? Thanks, Jane
email me, and I'll invite you to the wiki, so you can make comments and suggestions!
Thanks I'm signed up. Are you coming to NECC? There's a session you ought to attend 12:20-1:30 Monday in the Edublogger Cafe. I DON'T know if this will be ustreamed, but I can ask (would like others to participate this way too)
We'll uStream it! :)

And if you're there, introduce yourself!
what channel will it be on in ustream?
Count me in!

I love UbD! This will be my second year using it. I welcome and opportunity to collaborate on unit design. Anna
Here is another UbD Unit that integrates subjects. "Climate Change UN Simulation" You will find embedded links to files not included, however, If you would like to see the lesson plan files let me know. Anna



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