What are the best and most affordable online colleges or community colleges that offer online courses?

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I think your choice really depends on what type of degree you're looking for, and what program best fits your schedule. Online colleges vary widely, based on a number of factors. For example, one school that excels in one particular program may not as good for another. In addition, some schools offer more flexible schedules, while others may have different test requirements. Doing a bit of focused research can give you a better sense of what is right for you :) 

For example, my my friend is currently enrolled in this degree program, and seems to do pretty well in it. I'm not sure whether its the cheapest or best one around, but because it fits so well for him, the value cannot be argued. 

I am currently obtaining my master's degree in education with a focus on teaching and technology from Valley City State University in Valley City, ND. I live in Illinois. I love it! Although, I am a bit biased because I received my undergrad degree there. Both were extremely affordable. I never looked anywhere else when thinking about a master's degree. The professors are AMAZING!!! The university is TOP-NOTCH!

I have taken online courses through Liberty University. They have a very good online program and have many classes and degrees to choose from. http://www.liberty.edu/financeadmin/financialaid/index.cfm?PID=22517 here is a link to their costs of tuition for their online program

It really matters what state you live in. For instance, take Tennessee for example, if you are a resident of the state of TN you would never want to go out of state for online classes because not only could you possibly get financial aid from the federal government but also from the state. Lets say you were eligible for the full Pell Grant you would get over $5000 being a full time student from the FED and then you would be eligible for TN Assistance for the Needy which if you get full Pell you qualify and it is up to $4000 (these are all yearly figures) for a private college. If you are right out of high school or have been out of school for over two years and 25 and older you qualify for HOPE Scholarship also which I believe is another $4000 so that's $13000 without institutional aid. You should check for your state's grants that they offer.

I forgot to post the link to the Tennessee Student Assistance Portal but here it is:

Tennessee Aid

I've also heard good things about Liberty.. though I would harmonize with most of the comments here.  It's good to do your research - find out what you're buck is buying and then beyond that be willing to invest in getting what you're after - 'getting' an education isn't like being served a meal at a fancy restaurant - you have to own where you want to go, sitting there just isn't acceptable.  You have to want to and go back into the kitchen and find out how they're making that meal you're getting served - you own it by knowing it, not just through a monetary transaction.



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